DEBBIE_20130917_0007_pkDebbie Holmes is an educator, speaker, and author of How to Help Others Without Losing Yourself.  For the past 16 years, Debbie has taught academics and life skills to youth and adults in the Surrey School District, one of the largest school districts in western Canada.

With an extensive history of working with youth in the areas of career development and special education, Debbie consults with school districts to improve district resources and programs. Debbie regularly hosts workshops on strengthening community programs for youth at risk, and she is a frequent presenter at the Career Education Society Conference.

Debbie is also an educator of community-based helpers, teaching strategies to prevent and reduce helper burnout.  As a member of the Train-the-Trainer Series team, Debbie worked directly with helper-educators to assist them with the skill development of their front line workers.

A member of the Crime Reduction Strategy Committee for the developmentally disabled in the City of Surrey, Debbie is currently developing an education plan and a court case managerial position for the B.C. Provincial Criminal Justice System.


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