As helpers, we need to ensure that we are not falling into a vicious circle of helping others but draining ourselves.  In How to Help Others without Losing Yourself you will learn the importance of adopting strategies to keep yourself healthy, vibrant and energized in your daily life.

The helping profession is filled with people who are selfless and giving. If you are a helper, you are probably well-acquainted with the intrinsic rewards of helping others, as well as the draining effect helping can have on you.  Burnout is a common side-effect of working in a helping role and occurs when we, as helpers, give more of ourselves than is healthy for us. In short: we lose our boundaries, we lose ourselves and we lose what is really important to us.

In How to Help Others without Losing Yourself, we explore the following topics:

~ Respecting your clients and especially yourself.

~ Everyone needs role models, even helpers, and that means you!

~ How do you balance work, activities and/or family?

~ Can you respect other people’s values without compromising your own?

~ How do you set boundaries and parameters when everyone is demanding a piece of your time?

~ Typical challenges that helpers face and how to overcome the hardships

~ How to overcome your own self-doubt and be a role model for others to do the same.

~ Laughter is your best medicine – it might not cure all, but it comes close.

~ Knowing yourself. Everyone has individual limits – where are yours?

~ People give us gifts every day.  Pay attention and don’t blink because you might miss them.

You will learn to assess whether the decisions you make will drain you or energize you, to evaluate and take care of your own needs, to regain control of your boundaries and keep them healthy, and finally, to give yourself permission to recharge.  By adopting these strategies of self-care, you will function more successfully over the long term within your chosen helping profession. You will be an expert on How to Help Others without Losing Yourself!

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